Fly cheap with SAS to America and Asia. Photo: Geir Olav Lyng Mountain / Shutterstock
Fly cheap with SAS to America and Asia. Photo: Geir Olav Lyng Mountain / Shutterstock


SAS offers discounted prices for youths to America & Asia

If you’re under 26, you can now fly to America and Asia for a lot less. Prices start at 2,499 SEK.


To America with SAS
New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston from 2,499 SEK
Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami: from 2,999 SEK

To Asia with SAS
Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong from 2,499 SEK
Tokyo from 2,999 SEK 

Outward travel from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

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Beaches and festivals in California

There’s a good reason why over 75 million tourists from all over the world visited America in 2014, according to the National Travel and Tourism Office. “There’s always something cool to see, do, and experience, no matter where you are,” Hanna Fägerskiöld, Concept Owner at SAS, tells Scandinavian Traveler. She flies to America regularly, both for work and on vacation.

“Take in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California,” Fägerskiöld suggests.  “You can listen to all kinds of music at this festival, and there are always some big artists playing.”

Coachella is both a music & art festival. Photo: Alan Paone/Flickr

This year’s festival starts on April 15 and lasts for nine days. Acts include the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Calvin Harris, and Ibeyi. A festival pass costs from $375. There are lots of options available for those wanting to stay at the festival site. You can stay in your own tent or car for $99, or you can choose to rent, for example, a rugged tipi with a sleeping bag, or a luxury safari tent complete with concierge service. But be warned, the price of this last option is as extravagant as the facilities: it’ll set you back $7,000. American festivals are definitely not quite like any other. Indio is a small town situated approximately 200 km from Los Angeles.

Foto: Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

Los Angeles is an incredible city,” Fägerskiöld says. “The sun is almost always shining and there’s nothing quite like standing on rollerblades at Venice Beach as you watch the muscle-bound posers. But the food’s good too. You can get everything here.”

“Koreatown in Los Angeles has the best food you’ll eat outside of Korea. Try the meat pots or kimchi pancakes at Hae Jang Chon. Or how about a taco that tastes as good as in Mexico? Check out Guisado’s in Echo Park. For dessert, try a sweet ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies at Diddy Riese for two dollars.”

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Things to do for free in New York

If you’d rather head to New York, there are great ticket deals on offer right now. And you don’t need to worry about having to eat noodles for the rest of the year.

“Many people think that New York is very expensive, but it’s not true. It can be expensive to stay in the most popular areas, but apart from that, there’s a lot of free stuff to do in New York. There are big concerts in Central Park every summer from May to October. And they’re free. Last year there was a full house and a great atmosphere when One Direction played there on a summer’s morning.”

Keep an eye on centralparknyc.org, where you’ll find information about everything that’s going on.

Free concerts are held in Central Park. This one is when One Direction visited last year. Photo: JStone/Shutterstock

Bryant Park also has activities all year round. You can skate there in the winter and there are regular free concerts in the summer. New York Public Library is also worth keeping an eye on. Politicians, writers, and musicians all come here for discussion and debate. Among those who have appeared are Jay Z and British author Zadie Smith.

If you’ve got 70 dollars, you can see Rihanna live. She’s playing Brooklyn on March 27 and 30 and the Prudential Center in Newark, about 20km from Manhattan, on April 2, before she travels on to Chicago and California.

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Hot in Miami

In Miami the days are best spent at the beach. Photo: Shutterstock

SAS launches its new direct route to Miami in the fall.

“Here you get the beach and the city all in one. The coolest place to be is undoubtedly South Beach, where you can work out on the beach – yes, everyone’s doing it – then eat Peruvian ceviche at one of the many restaurants you’ll find close by. Don’t be surprised if you run into Kanye West or Gisele Bündchen – they all come here to sunbathe and enjoy the great atmosphere.

You can buy SAS youth tickets at flysas.com, by telephone, or through a travel agent.

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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