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The success of Ringi, one of Scandinavia’s most well-loved apple juices, can be traced back to a simple idea of helping people make their own, some 20-odd years ago.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Ringi juice is one of the most renowned juices in Scandinavia. Available at prominent restaurants in Norway – as well as on SAS flights – the drink is the evidence of generations of expertise with a product that’s been described as having the same complexity of taste as a fine wine. 

Jon Østen, whose family has owned it for 10 generations. Their children, Hans Erik and Kari, will be taking over in the future to keep the tradition alive. 

Ringi Juice is complimentary in SAS Business and SAS Plus and is available for sale in SAS Go..

Charlotta and Jon Østen now produce some 800,000 bottles per year. Photo: Sara JohannessenThe Ringi juice story actually started in 1995 when the couple bought a juice press and invited locals to come and make their own juice. 
“It quickly became very popular. People loved the idea of getting their own apple juice in bottles,” says Charlotta. 

Eventually, they decided to make 1,000 bottles of their own juice to sell to those who didn’t have apples to press. 
“It felt like so many bottles and we thought we’d have to drink most of it ourselves. But it sold out,” explains Charlotta. 

From there, things really took off. Top restaurants began asking for the juice and sales increased every year. Now, with the help of contracts with other local apple farmers, the Ringi family produces some 800,000 bottles a year. 

Despite their success, Charlotta and Jon Østen enjoy the simple life on the farm and have no plans to grow the company into a big operation anytime soon. 

“We’re satisfied like this. It feels like we would lose something if we were to scale things up,” she says. 

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