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Five great reasons to visit Greenpoint

Greenpoint has rapidly grown from a sleepy working class area to become one of the trendiest places in Brooklyn.

With a range of flourishing restaurants, many small stores and a big dose of integrity, Greenpoint is a little town in its own right in pulsating New York. In the past few years, this area, which is located in the most northerly part of Brooklyn, has undergone a construction boom while managing to retain its relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Closeness to the water, the historic buildings and breathtaking views over the East River and Manhattan also help make Greenpoint a must see destination on a trip to New York.

Here are five great reasons you should go there:

1. New foodie destination

In recent years, several of the hottest restaurateurs in New York have been drawn to Greenpoint to open restaurants with cuisine from all round the world. And Michelin stars have followed close after. Having said that, it’s not difficult to find exciting street food or small hidden away neighborhood restaurants that serve high class food at a budget price.

2. Best views of Manhattan

You can see the mighty Manhattan skyline with its towering skyscrapers from many parts of west Greenpoint, but Transmitter Park offers the most beautiful views over the East River and Manhattan. The magic is strongest from the walker friendly pier or a rooftop bar.

3. World class vintage shopping

Shopaholics will have their vintage dreams fulfilled in Greenpoint, where a number of new stores have opened in the past few years that celebrate vintage treasures from various decades. You’ll find carefully selected pre-owned garments and local designer clothes in the many vintage stores in Greenpoint.

4. Exciting night life

New York is the city that never sleeps and this also applies to Greenpoint. The main street, Manhattan Avenue, is full of life right into the small hours and you can find cozy bars with five dollar beers just a stone’s throw from sophisticated cocktail bars that serve world class drinks. For entertainment in the form of live bands or stand up, head to concert halls such as the Warsaw or Brooklyn Bazaar.

5. Explore Little Poland

Greenpoint is New York’s Little Poland. Many of the population of Polish descent still live here and set their stamp on the area. The area is full of Polish restaurants, bakeries, culture centers and concert halls and you can hear Polish spoken on pretty much any street corner.

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