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The best Piana degli Albanesi has to offer

Piana degli Albanesi has more to offer than just Sicilys best cannoli. Even if those fried pastry tubes filled with ricotta are reason enough to drive the 45 minutes it takes to get to this charming city from Palermo.

The best cannolo in Sicily

Enjoy what many people claim is the best cannolo on the island at Extra Bar Petta in Piana degli Albanesi. The fourth generation Petta produces these spectacular fried pastries filled with sweet ricotta here.

Extra Bar Petta

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 4, Piana degli Albanesi

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Stay at a beautiful vineyard

Thirteen elegantly styled rooms, wonderful pool and far reaching views over the vine clad hills. The vineyard restaurant here serves traditional Sicilian dishes that perfectly complement its award-winning wines.

Baglio di Pianetto

Via Francia, Santa Cristina Gela

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Photo: Museo Civico Nicola Barbato

Visit a museum

The museum is small but worth a visit. They have assembled a collection of traditional outfits from Piana degli Albanesi.

Museo Civico Nicola Barbato

Via P.G. Guzzetta, 13, 90037 Piana degli Albanesi

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Horse riding in the Sicilian outback

Go for a horse ride along Lago della Piana degli Albanesi as the sun sets behind the high mountains. In spring, the meadows are full of poppies.

Equiranch Piana degli Albanesi

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